Online Assessment

The online assessment is Part 2 of the application process.

This strengths-based assessment is designed to explore what motivates and energises you. The assessment will consist of scenario-based questions, questions about your working style, and critical reasoning questions.

To achieve your best, find a place where you feel comfortable and at ease when completing the assessment. Be honest and authentic. When choosing your response, think about how you would behave in that scenario, and what your natural reaction would be. Please read the scenario and response options carefully.

The assessment is a mix of behavioural and cognitive questions; it is not timed, so take your time to fully understand what the question is asking you. Don’t overthink it or try to pre-empt what the firm might ‘want’ you to say. The purpose of these assessments is to understand your natural strengths. 

If you would like to sample some practice questions, please feel free to explore the Preparation Hub created by our test provider, which also contains information and guidance on their online assessments.

Once you have completed the Application form, Part 1 of the process, you can access the Online Assessment via the 'Home' page on the left hand menu, at the bottom of that page.